Creating Effective Support at Work Through Feng Shui

Margaret Donahue from Feng Shui Connections shows how to recognize environmental patterns that hold the keys to your success. They can help things run seamlessly or contribute to obstacle after obstacle. Empower yourself! Bring more balance, ease, flow, and success to your life by creating sup-portive and effective home and work spaces through feng shui.

Session info, slides, and links

“Feng Shui” means “wind water” in Chinese. It is the art of placement: arranging your environment to improve your life – the goal is to allow ch’i to flow freely (ch’i is energy force of all things).


  • live with what you love – bring yourself to workspace
  • make sure everything is safe and comfortable – soft & curves, and special focus on electrical and plumbing systems, which symbolize health and wealth (if your pipes are leaking, not only is your building unhealthy [poorly maintained and growing mold], but you’re also leaking money with wasted resources)
  • express yourself creatively: represent the community in the library (this is your environment)
  • organize everything – get rid of clutter, and everything has a home

9 Steps to Take Charge

  1. place your desk in a command position: ideal spot for desk (and bed and stove in the home) is with a view of the door but not in the way of the energy flowing through the door, plenty of space in front, support (such as a wall) behind
  2. supportive chair
  3. reflect your personality – whatever stirs your passion
  4. add fresh plants – they offset EMFs from electronic devices and also clean the air
  5. incorporate the colors you love
  6. minimize clutter
  7. set positive intentions
  8. apply Feng Shui Bagua: it’s an overlay that maps our environment to 9 key areas of life – see slide #48 for diagram [pdf]
  9. express confidence in yourself

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